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"Dr. Weir does a fantastic job explaining what’s going on with your alignment & what can be worked on. My wife & I both have gone here and experienced great relief, improved health & mobility. Dawn is very helpful with the physical therapy, and Kay has fantastic hospitality."

- Mason Y.

"Highly recommend Dustin and his incredible staff. After years of being hesitant to doing adjustments, I met Dustin and his wife Kay at our church. He said come in for a consultation and I’m hooked. I’ve had lower back pain and neck pain for a long time and have seen so much improvement in only 6 weeks. I feel so much better and Dustin showed me how my hips were misaligned. He definitely has my approval to be my chiropractor for life. The bonus is the office manager Kay always welcomes you with great hospitality!"

- Pete M.

"I called on a Saturday morning knowing they were only open until Noon but had fallen on a wet, slippery sidewalk two days prior and was feeling pretty bad. Weir Family Chiropractic worked magic with their schedule and was able to fit me in. I truly appreciate it and was treated with such kindness and most of all, Dr. Weir’s adjustment realigned my spine so I am feeling much better! I was very grateful to find out I should have no lasting effects from this fall which was very comforting. 5-star treatment."

- Michelle H.

"I definitely feel better after neglecting adjustments for a while. Now that I've been hitting it harder during my workouts, I'm putting more emphasis on doing the things for my body outside of the gym. I already feel a huge difference after my first visit back in approximately half a year!"

- Reggie H.

"Everyone is personable and responsive. I appreciate the communication and care I received at Dr. Weir's office."

- Keanna P.


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